A Sneak Peek At Senran Kagura Producer Kenichiro Takaki’s New Multimedia Project



Senran Kagura boobie producer Kenichiro Takaki recently left Marvelous to go make a fantasy game at Cygames, but he’ll still finish up his current games at Marvelous, including a new multimedia project that was teased. Famitsu provided a sneak peek with a screenshot and a drawing of a girl.




Here’s a snippet from the interview with Famitsu:


Famitsu: Other than the Senran Kagura series, we hear that you’re working on another project behind the scenes, would you care to talk about that?

Kenichiro Takaki: “I still can’t share information such as the title name, but I can say that it is being made as its own title, unrelated to Senran Kagura. I thought of the original plans, and we plan to make it into both a video game and anime. The director for the anime version will be Hiraku Kaneko-san, who we’ve all known as ‘Oppai Director,’ and the character design will be handled by Hanaharu Naruko-san, among other top-class members. And Marvelous is the publisher.


Will that title have sexual elements in it as well?

Kenichiro Takaki: “While it will have beautiful girls and such, you won’t be able to do things like take off their clothes. Think of it as a title that is relatively traditional hot-blooded title.”


When did development start?

Kenichiro Takaki: “We’ve been going at it for about a year and half. I’ll still be working hard on it after leaving Marvelous, so please look forward to that, too!”

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