A Tactical Shooter Played Almost Entirely In Slow-Motion



Project CQB (working title) is a tactical shooter that takes the best bit of shootouts in action movies – the slow-motion – and makes an entire game out of it.


But the slow-motion isn’t used only for stylistic purposes. No, it’s a necessity if you’re to do any good at the game at all. You’re in a 3v3 deathmatch (classic red versus blue) played from an isometric perspective, and have to command all three of your units while they’re assaulted by the opposition.


It’s quite similar to Frozen Synapse, except where that game uses a turn-based format so that you can pause the action when issuing commands, Project CQB keeps time ticking away but lets you slow it down and speed it up.



It can get quite chaotic as you try to keep an eye on three or more shootouts at once. Still, seeing the particles flake off each squad member as they’re shot is satisfying whether or not it’s you being shot or an enemy.


Have a look at it in motion in the video above. Or better yet, download its alpha demo from its website. The plan is to bring Project CQB to PC and mobile soon.

Chris Priestman