You get sucked into a TV and zerba striped orbs with huge tongues are about to attack. What do you do? Call out your lighting shooting Persona with the help of tarot cards.



Teddie, the obligatory mascot character, is impressed when the protagonist suddenly does this without any trouble at all. He honorably calls him sensei during the introduction and probably the rest of the game. Konami gave out stuffed Teddie dolls as a Konamistyle pre-order bonus, similar to the Raidou dressed Jack Frost doll or Raiho pre-order campaign currently going on. We get art books and CDs instead, but you can still get a Teddie doll if you’re one of fifteen lucky members on their Atlus Faithful mailing list.



By the end of the first three hours of Persona 4 the Junes jingle will be unforgettable.



Images courtesy of Atlus.

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