A Versus Mode Is Coming To Mega Man 2.5D In Next Update

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Peter Sjöstrand and the rest of the small team working on fan project Mega Man 2.5D have announced that a Versus Mode will be added to the game in the next update. The plan is also to have a full single player and co-op campaign in the game by mid-2015.


As well as the VS. Mode, the next update will also add the final two robot masters to the game. Those are Tornado Man from Mega Man 9, and Time Man from Mega Man Powered Up, which is the PSP remake of the first game.


The last beta of Mega Man 2.5D was released in November 2014, adding single player and co-op stages for Pharaoh Man and Star Man. You can download it for free on the game’s website. The trailer you can watched above was also released alongside this latest version.


Mega Man 2.5D began as a proof-of-concept back in 2009 and has been steadily pieced together since then. What separates it from other Mega Man titles is that it has a co-op campaign and, as the title reveals, gets plenty of use out of the camera-switching perspective across its levels.


Below are more images of the various Versus Mode stages that will be added in the next version of the game.





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