A Virtual Reality Horror Game That Twists Around You

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Albino Lullaby is a psychological horror game that finds its scares in contorting its spaces around you. You may be wondering what’s so scary about that. And the creators boasting that there are no jump scares or gore may continue that line of thought.


The reason that if focuses on steadily creeping you out with disturbing characters and environments that distort in unexpected ways is due to being made with virtual reality in mind. You’ll be able to play without a VR headset but you won’t get the full experience as the creators intended. It’s compatible with Oculus Rift, Vive and Morpheus.


What helps is that the game is able to react to how you play. This means it has the ability to perform the unexpected on you. The idea is to try to escape from a surreal Victorian town that is built on a range of underground cliffs.


But not just that, as along the way you’ll have to discover the hidden spaces haunted by “The Grandchildren” – which look like gnarled, overgrown toenails dressed up as kids – as you uncover clues to find out where and what you are. The story, like the scares, is told through the environment, so you’ll have to face fear and look into all the darkest areas to discover everything.


The first season of Albino Lullaby is now available to purchase on Steam and IndieGameStand.

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