A Visual Novel That Begins With A Doll Chopping Off An Arm

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Fruitbat Factory is bringing Pomera Studio’s visual novel mystery Magical Eyes – Red Is For Anguish to the west on Steam this winter.


It concerns a series of bizarre incidents that all take place within the same town. The first one involves a general store owner’s arm being chopped off. He says it was a doll that did it but no one really believes him. In any case, the doll and the detached arm have disappeared from the crime scene.


There’s a teaser for Magic Eyes that goes like this: “Like a light too strong may burn out one’s retinas, so too can supernatural entities be toxic to humans. Even should they take on the invisible form of one’s emotions.” Apparently these incidents are intermingled with the complications of human intentions.


No other details on the game are given except that it has a “reasoning system,” which unlocks short stories and other bonuses depending on the number of correct answers you give.

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