Ability-Copying & Mixing Game Möira Striving For Wii U Release

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Möira, the ability copying game with a Game Boy visual style, has met its initial Kickstarter funding goal. Now, its developers are striving to create new powers, bring in guest stars from other indie games, as well as release the game on new systems with its stretch goals.




Funding is well on its way to unlocking an additional combinable power for the game, and has already allowed for the creation of a new world. Should the developers continue to raise funds, guest characters from other indie games will be created as playable characters, such as Haggis from Odallus and Neko Chroma Rider from Chroma Squad. Should they raise a lot more funds, a Wii U release may be possible, as well as a release for other consoles.




In Möira, main character Rubrick can mimic the powers of his enemies, then combine those powers in various ways to create entirely new abilities to use to solve puzzles and beat up bad guys.

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