Nintendo 3DS

Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection Gets Pre-Order Art Book, Drama CD


Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection is a re-packaging of the first three Ace Attorney games with stereoscopic 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. But that doesn’t mean Capcom will keep it simple. If you order the game via the e-Capcom store, more expensive options include an “all new” drama CD called “Sudden Combination” or an art book, which collects sketches and other art from the first three games.


Pre-orders will also have three pixel-art based versions of the characters including Phoenix himself as a “reflect charm”. These are shiny reflective straps you can attach to bags and what not that will reflect light when light shines on them. Note that the art book and straps, at least, are an e-Capcom exclusive.



The cheapest option will already come with those “reflect charms,” while if you want to cough up for the art book, the cheapest set you will want to buy costs 5,200 yen (US$52). An “everything, with cheese” option which includes all the goodies will run you 6,200 yen. You can order them here.