Ace Attorney 6 Details Its Dual Protagonists And Key Characters

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Capcom recently revealed that Ace Attorney 6 will feature two protagonists of Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice. Famitsu updates with the latest details on the game’s characters and setting.


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As shown during Tokyo Game Show 2015 trailer, Ace Attorney 6 will not only feature Phoenix Wright, but also Apollo Justice as the two protagonists of the game. Phoenix’s stage will be set at the Kurain Kingdom, while Apollo’s will take place in Japan.


Kurain Kingom: Jiin Temple


Kurain Kingdom is a country of mystery and faith. The people follow a “Kurain Religion,” which follows the concept of spirits and mediums in their everyday life. The country is run a queen who is also a medium.


Kurain Supreme Court



The Kurain Religion is a religion that shares a faith in the spirits of ancestors, and they have a deep connection with mediums. Most of the citizens follow this religion. Inside the Jiin Temple, you’ll find the Kurain Supreme Court, where everything is ruled by the “Divine Message of the Spirits.”


Gaspen Payne:


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After getting chased out of the Japanese legal world, the veteran prosecutor drifted off to the Kurain Kingdom, where he’s been enjoying his time as an undefeated prosecutor. He’ll face Phoenix and try to take advantage of being on unfamiliar grounds.


Leyfa Padma Kurain:


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Leyfa is the princess medium of Kurain where Phoenix visits. She has a sacred and strict aura around her. Using the powers of a medium, she can see the victim’s last moments before death, and depict it in court as the “Oracle of Spirits.” Using these powers, she’ll get in the way of Phoenix in the court of Kurain.


Using her Oracle of Spirits powers, Leyfa holds a ritual that can only be held by those of the Kurain Kingdom. During this said ritual, she performs and elegant holy dance. After the dance,the victim’s last moments are shown on the “Water Mirror” located in the middle of the Kurain Supreme Court.



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The Water Mirror also shows letters that tell the deceased’s senses felt before death. Oracles are said to give the “words of the gods.” What is shown on the Water Mirror cannot be disputed, especially in the religious country and its ruling medium, there’s no room for doubt.


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While Leyfa’s visions from the Water Mirror is absolute for the people of Kurain, there seems to be some kind of contradiction going on, and Phoenix will have to find a way to fight against it. You’ll see various messages show up on the Water Mirror, which will let you keep re-watching it as many times you need to until you find what was wrong.


Ace Attorney 6 will release in Japan in 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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