Ace Attorney 6 Shows Us More On Athena Cykes And Her Mood Matrix System

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Capcom shared the latest on Ace Attorney 6 with a look at the latest screenshots detailing Atena Cykes, who’ll be there for support with her Mood Matrix system in the upcoming 3DS title.


Athena Cykes


Athena is a rookie lawyer who works at the Wright anything Agency. She’s an active and energetic girl who supports Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice; however, she can let her emotions take over and be a little reckless at times.



Since people consider her as an apprentice, she puts in a lot of effort into becoming recognized as a proper lawyer. During trials, she can use a special power that lets her find the hidden truth from one’s tone of voice, or “emotion.”


006 007


Similar to what we saw in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, you’ll get to use the Mood Matrix system to read emotions to see if a witness is lying or has some kind of contradiction going on.


009 010

As they say, you can make up testimonies, but emotions don’t lie. By catching anything different in their emotion, you’ll be able to check out the different emotions on the bottom-screen to try pointing something out. If done correctly, you’ll get to see more from the hidden truth.


Ace Attorney 6 is slated for release later this year in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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