Ace Attorney 6 Takes Place In A Mysterious Country With Dead Spirits

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Capcom announced that Ace Attorney 6 is in development and already confirmed its localization for the West. Scans of this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provide a first look and further details on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title.


According to the Famitsu magazine scan, Ace Attorney 6 takes place in a mysterious country outside of Japan, a first for the main-numbered series. Phoenix Wright visits this country for a certain reason, and he unluckily gets involved in a case. It also mentions that the people in this country have some sort of belief in the spirits of the dead.



The courtrooms in this unnamed country seem to use some sort of “Water Mirror” that is set on the floor, and Ace Attorney 6 will use it as part of its system. The image shows how the upper-screen has images and and keywords on the water, and the lower-screen shows parts of the testimony and a presenting option.


To the right is a character named Bokuto Tsuani, a cheerful priest in training who also works as a tour guide for a living. He loves explaining things about the country as a tour guide, and once he starts talking about it, he has a habit of not being able to stop.


And finally, the scan shows a mysterious character on the bottom part of the page. She’ll show up in front of Phoenix Wright, and it remains unknown whether she’s a friend or foe, but we know that she’s not a prosecutor, witness, nor judge.


Thanks to Siliconera reader, Handsome Luigi, for the heads up!

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