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Ace Attorney 6 Will Have More Areas To Investigate In Its Detective Parts



Ace Attorney 6 will take place in two different countries, but the gameplay will follow the basics we’ve seen throughout the series thus far. Here’s the latest look with some details and new screenshots.


Similar to what we’ve seen throughout the series, Ace Attorney 6’s story will advance through “Detective Parts” and “Courtroom Parts.” This time, the game takes place in two different countries, but it’ll follow the same patterns.


When incidents take place, you’ll do detective work in the Detective Parts by talking to people involved and checking out the scene. Then using the evidence and testimonies found in the Detective Parts, you’ll use them in the Courtroom Parts to find the truth behind the incident.


Here’s a breakdown on the basics.


Detective Parts:


The main options you have in the investigative portions are “Talk,” “Examine,” “Present,” and “Move.” These are the main options you’ll use while gathering clues and info.


Courtroom Parts:

004 005

Lies and contradictions are some of the things you’ll deal with when it comes to witnesses and prosecutors in the Courtroom Parts. Using the gathered evidence and testimonies, you’ll be able to present them to back up your argument.



007 008

Gathering evidence and info in the Detective Parts will have you visit crime scenes, listen to those involved, finding clues and evidence. Ace Attorney 6 will have more areas to investigate than ever, and these areas increase as you advance through the story. Since there will be a bunch of places to check out, the “Detective Memo” will come in handy to keep track of all your findings. These can also be checked out in 3D.


009 010

011 012

In addition to having more places to check, you’ll also get to check some of the places by changing the camera angles. That said, it’ll be good idea to check closely in areas of interest.


Using the “talk” option, you can hear out those involved with the case. Here, you can pick different topics and find out more from there. The “present” option will allow you to bring out evidence for the case, which may bring out some more info. Again, if you get stuck, you can always check out the Detective Memo for some hints.


014 015


017 018


A witness’ testimony isn’t always correct, so if something sounds off to you, then you can use evidence and testimonies found in the Detective Parts to find any contradictions in the testimony, and get one step closer to the truth.


Ace Attorney 6 will release in Japan in 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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