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Ace Attorney 6’s First Screenshots Show Off Its New Courtroom Style



    Ace Attorney 6 was recently announced for Nintendo 3DS and will release in Japan and the West. Capcom opened an official website for the game, along with a look at some of its first screenshots.



    As previously reported, Ace Attorney 6 takes place in a mysterious country outside Japan, where Phoenix Wright finds himself involved in yet another case, in a coutry with people that have a belief in the spirit of the dead.


    gyakuten-saiban-6_150903-2_r The above is a look at Bokuto Tsuani, a cheerful priest in training who also works as a tour guide for a living.


    2015-09-03_081120 2015-09-03_081131 2015-09-03_081146

    The courtrooms in this country use a “Water Mirrors” that will be a big part of Ace Attorney 6’s system. We’ll learn more about it later this month at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.


    Ace Attorney 6 is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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