Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations online kuji lottery by Capcom
Image courtesy of Capcom

Ace Attorney Investigations Kuji Merchandise Stars Edgeworth

Capcom launched a new Cap Kuji Online lottery featuring Miles Edgeworth merchandise from the Ace Attorney Investigations series in Japan. The prize items in this lottery will range from a sealing stamp with the Prosecutor’s Emblem, a towel modeled after the scroll from Shi-Long Lang’s ancestor, and Kay Faraday’s Promises notebook.

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A single ticket in this lottery will cost 880 yen (~$5.55). However, people who order ten tickets simultaneously can pay with a 10% discount at 7,920 yen. Capcom will deliver up to 20 prize items domestically in Japan with a shipping cost of 660 yen.

Here is the complete prize list from the lottery, along with the winning probabilities for each tier. Note that Capcom will completely determine the prizes in random, so one will have to further divide the probability for a specific item in the same tier.

  • S Prize: Mega Big Capcorom plush of Miles Edgeworth – 1%
  • A Prize: Sealing Stamp featuring the Prosecutor’s Emblem – 2%
  • B Prize: Towel based on Kay Faraday’s Yatagarasu muffler or Lang Zi’s scroll – 4%
  • C Prize: Acrylic stand of a character with an exclamation bubble – 12%
  • D Prize: Ringed memo book – 31%
  • E Prize: Tin badge based on a character – 50%
Ace Attorney Investigations Cap Kuji Online lottery prize lineup
Image courtesy of Capcom

The revelation of this new merchandise lottery followed the announcement of Ace Attorney Investigations Collection at the June 2024 Nintendo Direct and return of Edgeworth. Capcom will release the new compilation of the spin-off duology worldwide on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 6, 2024. The company is also preparing new localized names for characters who debuted in the second entry, such as Verity Gavelle, Eustace Winner, and Eddie Fender.

Capcom will close the order period for the Ace Attorney Investigations Cap Kuji Online merchandise lottery on July 26, 2024. The company will deliver the prizes between late November 2024 and early December 2024.

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