ACE Team Co-Founder Reveals The Surreal Alien World Of The Endless Cylinder



Carlos Bordeu is one of the co-founders of Chile-based game studio ACE Team and he’s revealed that he’s working on a personal project called The Endless Cylinder.


You may know ACE Team for their surreal virtual worlds such as those seen in the Zeno Clash series and more recently Abyss Odyssey. The Endless Cylinder is similarly bizarre as it takes place on an alien world while a huge endless cylinder slowly rolls across it, destroying (or at least flattening) everything in its path.


As the video above demonstrates, you start out as a newborn hatchling in a nest and can explore the world around you as you wish, with the only caveat being that the endless cylinder limits how much you can see before it crushes everything.



While this world and its strange flora is certainly fascinating it seems that it’s also a dangerous one. Within the few minutes of the video’s footage we see a large creature shaped like an upturned mouth on tiny legs complete with a set of teeth that tries to chomp the hatchling. There’s also another creature, a larger one, almost gorilla-like, that has its head inside the shell of a truck and pushes it along at speed, seemingly without direction.


Bordeu is getting some help with the programming and music on The Endless Cylinder but other than that it’s his own game and not one of ACE Team’s as such. He doesn’t know which direction he’ll go with it as it’s still early in development but he wanted to show it off anyhow.

Chris Priestman