Acidsoul Is Table Hockey With Fatalities

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Acidsoul takes players into the seedy underworld of table hockey, pitting them against brutal opponents from around the globe who won’t hesitate to kill them (in spectacular, bloody fashion) over losing a match.


Acidsoul pits players against an array of different opponents with unique abilities and lethal moves, forcing the player to adapt their strategies on the fly. From a foe who collapses in a drunken stupor in front of his goal to activating a mirror power that only allows the player to see their own end of the board, all of the game’s seventeen foes will have a unique ability and play style that players will have to work around. There are also several environmental powers both sides can access as well, offering an array of different ways to change up a match.

Should players do well or not, each character in the game has access to a final, fatal move to finish the match. These might cleave heads off or blast holes in their opponent’s chest. These finish a match with a bit of gore and absurd humor, adding a bit of ridiculous tension to table hockey.


A demo for Acidsoul is currently available through its Kickstarter campaign.

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