An Acrobatic Bunny Faces Enraged Living Veggies In This Donkey Kong Country-Like Platformer


Kaze and The Wild Masks’ bunny hero may show some shades of Donkey Kong Country with their moves and moveset, hopping on multiple enemies in a row, tossing items with their ears, or using them to spin and glide over long gaps.


In Kaze and The Wild Masks, a comet strikes the normally-peaceful Carrotland, resulting in some hostile, sentient vegetables that turn on those who used to feed on them. This leads to a lone bunny hero fighting back, hopping on those vegetables’ heads or taking them down with thrown objects to deal with the threat.

The moves the bunny has will seem familiar to fans of the Donkey Kong Country games, offering a spinning ear attack to glide over gaps, or grabbing items and hefting them overhead using ears to throw them at enemies (both which show similarities to Dixie’s moves from DKC 2 and 3). These aren’t the only moves the bunny will learn, though, as players will gain new abilities from beating bosses and collecting their Wild Masks.


Kaze and The Wild Masks’ levels are often set up to encourage jumping combos, having players chain bounces off of enemy heads over and over again to rack up extra collectibles and to speed through its levels in impressive fashion.

Kaze and The Wild Masks is still in development, but interested players can sign up to be alerted when a demo becomes active through the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!