Action-Adventure Miyamori Draws Inspiration From Japanese Folklore, Poetry



Miyamori, an action-adventure game about a fox guardian and young woman searching for their missing siblings together, draws inspiration from the folklore of Japan’s Tohoku region and the works of children’s author and poet Kenji Miyazawa.




Players will act as both the fox spirit, Izuna, and the young woman, Suzume, using the varied powers of one to the affect the gameplay possibilities of the other. The developer has not stated what some of those abilities will be yet, but does state that Izuna will be able to shapeshift as her powers grow, as well as use foxfire to purge evil spirits.




Miyamori will feature a day/night cycle that will have effects on the game’s world, and that players will be able to talk to the various townsfolk all over the city to learn more about its history and secrets.


A Kickstarter is set to begin shortly, but the developer has not stated when.

Alistair Wong
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