An Action RPG About Becoming A Ferocious Dragon



With its one word title, simple “Dragon,” Red Level Games make it clear that its game is supposed to be the ultimate in dragon simulation.


This isn’t a simulator as such, though, it’s an open-world action RPG in which you play as a dragon rather than a human, elf, or orc as is usually the case.


This means you get to fly around in the sky, hunting down other dragons, and fighting fantastical beasts (giants, trolls, liches) to develop your dragon. Yes, you don’t start off all that mighty, but with enough time and effort you can become ferocious enough to provide great threat to entire cities.


You’ll need to keep your dragon well-fed, and as it grows older you’re able to customise the look and utility of its wings, tail, claws, and breath to your preference.


If you want to give Dragon a go, you can do so right now by purchasing it for $17.99 (currently discounted at $14.39) over on Steam Early Access. Any more information you may want might be found on its website.

Chris Priestman