Action RPG Insomnia: The Ark Explores Life Aboard A Bleak Space Station


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In a dystopian future, players awaken aboard Object 6, a space station on a four hundred year journey to find humanity a new home. Despite leaving the old one behind, warfare, treachery, and many old problems still follow humans on their trip in action RPG Insomnia: The Ark.


Insomnia: The Ark lets the player loose aboard the colossal space station, dealing with hunger, thirst, fatigue, and hostilities how they choose. To deal with their woes, players can make dialogue choices and join some of the various factions on the space station, solving various personal and narrative problems in multiple ways. Who they back and what they decide to do can have far-reaching consequences, though.

Should those consequences take the player into battle, they have multiple ways of handling it. From close and long range weapons, as well as varied armor types, players will find multiple means of combat with various benefits and shortcomings. Players will want to stay on the move in a fight as well due to destructible cover, but that may not be a problem due to flexible perks that do away with character classes in favor of letting players fully customize their play style.


Insomnia: The Ark is set to release sometime this year.

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