Action RPG Mayhem In Single Valley Stars A Self-Aware Hero



Through a series of bizarre events, including squirrels taking his savings, Jack learns that he is a character in a video game in top-down action RPG Mayhem in Single Valley.




Players will be in control of Jack, and that’s not always something he will appreciate, with players exploring their position as an overseer of someone with their own lives and wants. Jack will also have to deal with the machinations of the developer, who seems to be going out of their way to make cruel things happen to him.


Players will assist Jack in combat and puzzle-solving throughout the game. Much of combat involves dealing with angry animals, and Jack can use varied foods, potions, and poisons to deal with these, distracting or incapacitating them so he can pass safely. Should Jack not lead his enemies away or sidetrack them, he can always use fast dodges and reflexes to escape.




Mayhem in Single Valley uses a different levelling system that depends on the equipment he has on him. His levels will shift based on what players put on him, and there will be some moments where removing that equipment will be key in making it through difficult situations (such as removing shoes during stealth sections).


Mayhem in Single Valley is currently raising Greenlight votes for its lighthearted exploration of the relationship between player, in-game-character, and developer. A demo is available through

Alistair Wong
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