Action RPG Wanderer: The Rebirth Will Have You Hunting Colossal Monsters



Olympus is under attack from Titans when the Earth Goddess calls upon a single hero, tasking him with fighting his way to a strange island that will bring peace to the raging war in Wanderer: The Rebirth.




Wanderer: The Rebirth is an action RPG designed around fighting and hunting large beasts, whittling them down on your journey to the island. Players can battle these monsters alone or with a friend in co-op, using varied abilities and careful dodging in order to defeat the gigantic, unique creatures that stand in their way.


The developer are also at work optimizing the game for VR, allowing players to experience hunting monsters on various VR devices as well as PC.




Wanderer: The Rebirth is raising votes on Steam Greenlight, but lists no expected release date.

Alistair Wong
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