In Action/Exploration Game Resin, You Become Weaker With Every Boss You Defeat

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Living machines provide the energy that fuels the bleak, dying lands of Resin, and it’s up to the player to destroy them. With every one the player kill, though, the world loses its energy, and the player’s android character grows weaker and weaker.




Resin offers an open world for players to explore, but rather than opening up to harder areas over the course of play, the player will have to chart a path that will have them tackling steadily weaker foes over time.


The player will have to adapt their battle strategies with each beaten boss, as they will steadily lose health and abilities as they kill them. There is no way for the player to get stronger to face down a tough area or boss, so studying the bosses’ complicated patterns will be key to winning.




Resin offer multiple endings depending on how players tackle the game. It is available now on Steam.

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