image Puzzle & Dragons Battle Tournament is an arcade game based off the white hot smartphone game from GungHo Online Entertainment. Square Enix is actually in charge of planning, creating, and marketing Puzzle & Dragons Battle Tournament. That explains why Tetsuya Nomura created characters for the game and Mana composer Kenji Ito is making the game’s music. GungHo is supervising the game’s development.


Puzzle & Dragons Battle Tournament has a touch screen arcade cabinet so players still drag drops in groups of three or more to attack monsters. While the game has a single player story mode, the main feature is online versus play with up to 16 players. The game saves progress and monster data on a NESiCA card. Puzzle & Dragons Battle Tournament will also have original monsters.


Square Enix plans to release the arcade game in spring 2014. Each play will cost 100 yen.

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