Nintendo 3DS

Add A Tomato Typhoon That Shoots Real Tomatoes To Your Ride In Metal Max 4


The next unveil for upcoming bounty hunting, dog-on-a-tank, girlfriend-bike open-world RPG Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva goes over the many and varied ways players can customize their rides and weapons out of battle.


We already know the rides are what makes Metal Max 4 standout. There are tamer vehicles such as tanks, but Metal Max 4 embraces its wackiness with the protagonist’s girlfriend-bike, a wooly mammoth tank, and a convertible for our doggy companion. The foes you face are equally ready with their own rides, including a multi-headed crane/hydra, UFO walkers, and that pretty badass triceratops we saw earlier.




Players will have to balance their weaponry in the game – each weapon comes with a weight that limits how many can be shoved onto vehicles. While players can spend cash to upgrade the chassis of vehicles and increase their weight limit to a certain extent, what’s really cool is the weapon customization.


Remember that spring-onion/egg/beef combination we caught a glimpse of? You can do that with any number of items in what’s called the Yakiniku Skewer. There will be dozens of ingredients to find and combine, creating new options and weapons for players to fiddle around with alongside more conventional weaponry they can buy from shops. Although these “normal” weapons are already pretty awesome. Who doesn’t want a cannon called the Tomato Typhoon strapped to their bikes? Especially when you discover it shoots real tomatoes at foes.


Metal Max 4 will be out for the Nintendo 3DS on November 11 in Japan.