Advance Wars-Like Mobile Game Super Senso Officially Launches In North America



Super Senso, an Advance Wars-like mobile game where players will have to plan their units’ movements carefully but quickly, has officially launched in North America.



In Super Senso, players can choose from several different teams of units, from machines to zombies to cats to dinosaurs, each with their own array of ranged, melee, and super units. Each has their own strengths and unique abilities, offering countless battle strategies for players to use, as well as an array of different looks that range from menacing to humorous. In all, the player can choose from nine super units (Sensos) and thirty smaller units, creatinga  wide range of armies to choose from.


Super Senso players will wish to know their units well, as they will only have sixty seconds on their turn to plan out moves and attack strategies. They will be able to select units to attack within range, decide movement routes, and move units into position to defend structures (such as the Senso-Gate, which is the key structure to destroy to win a match) .




Skilled Super Senso players can compete for the top twenty-five spots on the game’s Lightning Challenge leaderboards, which offer prizes to those players. The developers also promise regular updates to the game following this official launch, which will add all-new content, although they do not state what that content will entail.


Super Senso is available now, for free, on iOS and Android.


Correction: An earlier version of the article stated turns are thirty seconds long while turns are sixty seconds long. This article has been updated with this information.

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