The Darkside Detective will have players working through cases of supernatural infestation, ghostly occurrences, gremlin attacks, and demonic thieves. Even so, its two cop heroes, Detective Francis McQueen and Officer Dooley, can’t seem to stop saying ridiculous things to one another, never entirely taking their situation seriously throughout this humorous adventure.


Players will point and click their way through six self-contained, bite-sized hauntings, each involving some silly run-ins with various ghosts and ghouls. In them, players will have to collect items, putting them together in various ways to solve puzzles for the living and dead NPCs they meet throughout the game. Players can expect many of these solutions to make logical sense as well, eschewing the complex lines of item collections and oddly-related puzzles that some adventure games use.

Players shouldn’t expect the pair of cops to ever take what they’re doing entirely seriously. Even when Detective McQueen is trying to do his job, Dooley will have some wry commentary on the lack of bathrooms in a house, or some other ridiculous aspect of the investigation. The pair may be dealing with lethal phantoms and gun-toting gangster ghosts, but the two will always make time to say something humorous to lighten the mood.


The Darkside Detective’s mixture of comedy and the supernatural is available now on Steam, with a demo available from the game’s page as well.

Alistair Wong
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