Adventure Game Shardlight Follows A Dying Woman Searching For A Cure


Wadjet Eye Games has announced that its next point-and-click adventure game is called Shardlight. It’ll be out in the spring of 2016.


It’s set in a world ravaged by bombs and that sees the rich and the poor hugely divided. The rich, those aristocrats, are treated with spoils from the government including regular vaccinations. The poor are left to fend for themselves in the ruins, fighting back hunger, disease, and an early grave.


You play as a woman called Amy Wellard who reluctantly works for the government so she can be entered in the vaccine lottery – one of the only ways for the poor to get treatment. However, she believes there’s a cure, and the adventure follows her as searches for it.


You can find out more about Shardlight on its website.

Chris Priestman