Adventure Of A Lifetime Is About Ghost Ships & Young Love


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When Hiroki returns to the Ogasawara Islands to help his grandmother run her shop for Summer vacation, he isn’t expecting to get caught up with treasure-seeking runaways and childhood friends in visual novel Adventure of a Lifetime.


Players can grow closer to two different women over the course of Adventure of a Lifetime. Emily has run away from home, and is bent on finding a sunken treasure that lies on a ghosts ship, which apparently disappears whenever there is a storm. The other is Chisa, a childhood friend of Hiroki’s who has some feels for him she’s never shared. It’s up to the player to decide who they get closer to throughout their adventure.

When not working on their chosen romances, players can scuba dive and take in the ocean sights, help with the shop, or have fun at the Summer festival.


Adventure of a Lifetime is available now on Steam.

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