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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Recipes Are Super Nutritious


etrian odyssey 2 untold


Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold has a rather novel feature. Like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the game lets people head out to explore on a full stomach. As you can imagine, this makes an adventure slightly easier. All those nutrients take immediate effect here!


This means the second Regina opens her cafe, which you get to name, you’re going to want to become a frequent patron. After all, collecting those ingredients, experimenting to find recipes, and chowing down will really pay off in Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold.


But, sometimes you don’t want to guess. Especially if you decided to forgo the Picnic difficulty level and take on the Expert difficulty level. For you, I recommend these recipes. All of them can be completed from ingredients you’ll find in your initial Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold explorations, so don’t worry about having to reach past the first stratum for these dishes.


I found the Western and Japanese foods tend to work best when starting out, since they rely on boosting status, improving acquisition odds, and making characters stronger, so we’ll focus on those treats. The Chinese food is good too, but tends to focus on blocking or aiding status recovery and isn’t as handy initially.


When you first start cooking, you’ll need Escargot Citron. Why? Because it will make gathering easier. If you eat this dish, which needs one hiding snail and two citron, you’ll get more ingredients when exploring. This recipe is critical when the cafe first opens and is a good meal to eat when you’re level grinding on a floor in a relatively new area. The Fanged Sandwich, which needs four stiff leg meat and a vine head, is helpful as well since it increases the amount of items gained when gathering


But, if you’re going to head to a new floor for the first time, you want to eat health-regenerating food. I recommend Hi Lagaar Coffee, one of the first recipes you’ll get. It’s under Western Food, needs three rye and one sugar beet, and will restore a party’s hit points as they walk.




Dear Steak will be a little more difficult to get, since you’ll need to beat a few Ragelope F.O.E. on the first floor for their venison. The recipe requires four venison and two asparagus. It’s worth it, though, since it will restore HP every turn in a battle for a bit.


Should you be heading out to take down a boss, there are three recipes that could make a big difference. The first is the Odd Ishiyaki Pot, which needs four stiff leg meat and a strange stone. It buffs line item effects, which helps if you have one person acting as a support in a battle with a boss or F.O.E. Have them use a healing item one turn, and it will heal more HP.


I also recommend eating either the max hit point boosting Gibier Curry Rice, which needs three deer shoulders, three scarlet yams, and one root chili, or the max tech boosting Walnut Rye Bread, which needs five rye, three rock salts, and two walnuts. Both are good if you’re worried if you’re strong enough for the fight.


You can have one meal before you go, so don’t be afraid to experiment. I’m sure you’ll find some Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold snacks that work for you as you begin your adventure!

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