Adventuring Is The New Family Activity In Rune Factory 4

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Rune Factory 4 doesn’t make it easy to get together with the person you love. The first step to forming a relationship is the confession. Shouting “I love you!” into their faces before his or her affection levels are high enough will only result in them not taking you seriously, so, as in previous games, you’ll still have to build up affection levels by talking to the character every day and giving him or her presents.


You’ll know you’ve come far enough when you confess and it’s accepted. The moment the confessee agrees, the game changes accordingly. Not only will small things change, like the way you and your new lover will address each other, but there will be extra events. Just talking to him or her will result in small scenes that may range from quiet time together by the lake to the character awkwardly trying to hold a conversation with you.


You can also invite your lover on dates, such as taking a ride on an airship together and afterwards, you may get the option to “deepen your relationship with skinship”. Additionally, as a little bonus, each of the characters also has a pyjama outfit, which you can see once you’re far enough into a relationship.


And of course, the final step is marriage…and a kid! In Rune Factory 4, though, your character’s child isn’t just another superficial addition to your house. You can actually take your child and wife/husband out adventuring through the forests and even the dungeons.


On a completely different note, Marvelous AQL has also released a new character—Porcoline Toule Viviage. He’s a wandering chef with some skill, but because he chows down while he cooks, his efficiency is amazingly low, no matter how many ingredients he has with him. He’s a kind person who helps those in need.

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