Advice For Tackling The Legend Of Legacy’s New Game Plus

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Before you start a The Legend of Legacy new game plus, you need to prepare yourself. Go into your last save and sell everything in your inventory. Money carries over, but material goods don’t. Make sure you’re as wealthy as possible before you start over. It’ll make a huge difference. Stances carry over as well, so make sure you learn more of them. Complete and sell any maps you haven’t yet, then return to those past locations to search for NPCs wandering around. They’ll teach you new stances, which will stick with you in the new game. I’ve found 13 stances from playing through two times. If you find you’re missing some, either escape from a battle in an area or leave and sleep overnight in an inn. Both seem to reset the location’s NPC distribution.


Once you start your new game plus run, it’s time to have some fun. Some The Legend of Legacy characters are more practical than others for the first run. Garnet is great, since she excels at both attacking and guarding. So is Eloise, since she’s great with elements and happens to be a strong attacker and guardian. Bianca is fantastic for the first time too. She has an immediate affinity for four kinds of weapons and two elements, meaning she’ll learn skills faster. With the second (and third, and fourth, and fifth…) playthroughs, it’s okay to go with someone who may not be as formidable, but perhaps more interesting. Filmia, Meurs, and Liber are great candidates for subsequent runs.


Filmia (2)


It’s also a good idea to start going after stronger enemies sooner when you’re in a The Legend of Legacy new game plus run. While learning skills and magic may seem random, fighting miniboss and boss level creatures increase the odds of a character learning an ability. Since you’ll have the money necessary to buy better items outright from the shop or fund trading boat voyages, your characters will be able to engage these more powerful enemies quicker and with less grinding than the initial run. Think of it as saving time all around.


Especially since running away during a fight with a strong enemy like, say, those flying enemies that dive bomb you, doesn’t mean you lose any skill-specific boosts earned during the fight. If one of these guys gets the drop on you, stay in as long as you can survive, then choose to escape. You might end up with some significant earnings for abilities if you do.


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Don’t forget to fast forward through fights too. You might not have noticed, but if you hold down the left trigger on your Nintendo 3DS, fights in The Legend of Legacy will go faster after you’ve picked your actions. It’s small, but handy when you’ve reached a point where you can safely have the entire party always attack and are grinding for stat boosts or skills.


Finally, be prepared to beat the game seven times to see the full ending. There’s an extra scene that only unlocks after going through The Legend of Legacy with every character. Personally, twice was enough for me, but those who enjoy dungeon crawling and a particular NPC might find seven times really is the charm.

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