Aerannis Offers 2D Action And Insight Into Gender Identity Struggles, Now On Kickstarter



Ektomarch has launched the Kickstarter campaign for its action adventure game Aerannis which, as Siliconera has previously covered, should give insight into the struggles of gender identity without sacrificing intense 2D action.


You play as Ceyda Fahri, “a twenty-something Bulgarian Turk, trans woman, and assassin,” who gets involved in a greater plot that puts the last remaining city on Earth, called Plovdiv, at risk.


It’s an open-ended mission-based action game with stealth elements in which you work to perform assassinations. You can make traps, use guns, hide behind meat shields, and distract enemies with noises.



There are also bosses to fight, and as this is a post-labor society – meaning that robots perform most of our jobs – you can expect some of these bosses to be made of steel.


The greater plot is one played out in Ceyda’s mind. As she finds out that Plovdiv, which is a safe haven for its all-women population, she wonders if she has a duty to save a city who hate her for not being a “whole woman.”


Ektomarch is hoping to raise $6,000 on Kickstarter to bring Aerannis to Windows, Mac, and Linux by September 2015. You can get a copy yourself for $10 (or $5 if the Early Bird deal is still available). You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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