Aerannis Will Tell The Tale Of A Transgender Hitwoman

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Ektomarch has announced that its 2D stealth-action game Aerannis is out for Windows and Mac now.


It has you playing as Ceyda Farhi who is a a Bulgarian Turk, trans woman, and assassin. She lives in a future where men don’t exist and an increasingly corrupt and secretive government gives her plenty of work.


However, due to being a trans woman, there are those in this world that perceive her as not being a “whole woman.” This is a big problem considering that in Plovdiv – the last remaining city on Earth, which was originally a haven for oppressed women – female identity and being considered a true citizen go hand-in-hand.


All of this is only background to what is the real plot of Aerannis: “When she discovers that an ancient society has been steering human fate for millennia, she arrives at a moral conflict: does she save a world who barely considers her a full person, or is it not her responsibility?”


And so, as you perform stealth-based missions, you’ll be going back-and-forth between wanting to save the world and leaving it to rot. The game has an open world for you to explore, full of vents to sneak through, people to take hostage and execute, and huge bosses to take out.


Keep an eye on its website to find out where you can buy Aerannis once it comes out.

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