Affect The Economy Of A Cyberpunk City With Advertisements In AdvertCity



A big part of how we envision cyberpunk cities – those neon-glowing dystopian metropolises – is the spread of commercialism and advertisements despite the poverty of its lowest-rung of people. So it’s fitting that AdvertCity is a tycoon game that puts you in charge of advertising campaigns around its procedurally generated cyberpunk cities.


You have to grow and manage an advertising empire, carefully selecting the clients you work with to ensure you benefit the most you possibly can, posting adverts online as well as in optimum physical spaces around the city. To cater to this, you’re able to switch between cyberspace and meatspace at will.


As you grow, you’re able to hire employees, unlock new advertising methods, buy buildings and overtake mega corporations. Essentially, you want to own the city, and the way to do that is to advertise products.


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However, the game does have a roguelike single-save system, so you have to live with any mistakes you make, or start over. Mistakes might include advertising for the wrong company and reducing your reputation. Or it might be over spending on a campaign. No matter what you do, though, you’ll affect the economy of the entire city with your adverts.


If you want to get started on growing your advertising empire then you can purchase AdvertCity for £15 on You can also listen to the game’s soundtrack on that page which comprises postrock, jazz and glitch elements.

Chris Priestman