Aftertile Offers Music From A Cute Band In Its Exploration Of The Afterlife


The ghostly inhabitants of Aftertile have mostly found peace on the Ever-Floating Comet, placing themselves as bricks in the walls. While they have accepted death and their place in the cosmos, there are still some things to look forward to in the form of traditional Japanese music played by an adorable band.


Players will act as Ghosty Ghost, a phantom that hasn’t found a place of peace for itself after dying. In its wanderings, though, it finds that imps have begun to bother spirits, the world is starting to come apart as otherworldly beings threaten the balance of the comet. Players will explore this world, trying to set things right while finding their own enlightenment about why they can’t seem to make peace with their lives. Whether they do so is up to the player, as the game features multiple endings.

Not that the journey is all about finding the right answers, though. Players will meet some fun characters along the way who will make the experience a positive one, including the popular afterlife band, the Soft Hugs. This all-lady group plays traditional Japanese instruments, and has become very popular for the concerts they put on for the resting dead.


The developer has posted a video for one of the songs the band will play, “Shamans”, teasing the game while giving players a taste for their soothing musical style.

Aftertile is still in development with no set release date. Interested players can follow its development on the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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