It Is The Age Of Mustache, Proclaims Japan In Super Smash Bros. Poll

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GameKun, part of the Japan Game Users Association, recently conducted a survey on which characters are most popular from the Super Smash Bros series and the results show the kind of hive-mind think that only a mustache following could muster. GameKun polled both men and woman and broke down the results for most popular as follows:



1) Mario 26%

2) Kirby 15.7%

3) Link 8.7%

4) Pikachu 7.1%

5) Captain Falcon 5.5%



1) Mario 28.9%

2) Kirby 13.4%

3) Link 9.3%

4) Captain Falcon 7.2%

5) Samus 6.2%



1) Kirby 23.3%

2) Mario 16.7%

3) Pikachu and Koopa  tied for 13.3%

5) Link and Ike tied for 6.7%


Some of the comments on choices were pretty insightful. Take this 40-year-old guy’s thoughts on Mario: “It’s like I’m still allowed to have this private place where I can be a kid (with Mario) and just have fun.”


Kirby came in strong in second place, thanks to his cute and cuddly nature, with women. A 20-year-old lady opined: “Kirby is so cute! And his attacks just blow away foes.” Amusingly, that’s something GameKun was quick to cheekily note was a pretty cheap way to play in the game.

It’s actually more hilarious to read GameKun’s replies to the comments from pollsters. One man said he picked Captain Falcon because Falcon was “hot”. GameKun’s reply? “What the hell is up with these young people and one-word answers?!?!”

Another said Mario was a “National character”, to which GameKun responded with, “Yeah, more than Doraemon, Detective Conan and others, Mario is the country’s national character. After all, it’s the Age of Mustache!”

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