Age Of Amazones Introduces Its All-Female Cast Of Ninjas And Soldiers


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More information on Arc System Works’s Age of Amazones for the Nintendo 3DS has been released by 4Gamer. The game features you as a prisoner on an all-woman prison planet looking to get to a ship to escape offplanet. On the way, various allies will be joining the main character Gantai, on her quest to escaping.


We previously mentioned the game’s AP (Action Points) and Battery battle system, which are resources players have to manage during fights to dish out attacks and special moves respectively. Players will have to fight through various dungeons, clearing the bosses in each, to advance the game and head to the next area in the overland map. Specific story and side-events will litter the dungeon, with an exclamation mark on the bottom touch screen map.


During battle, Battery powers will be especially useful, but hard to replenish. In order to regenerate some of that Battery power, players will have to swap characters out for other allies or use special skills to refill the guage.


The full character lineup has also been announced, including previously mentioned Gantai and Kunoichi. The game is scheduled for release on November 14th.




Weapons: Handguns and army knives

Character: Fastidious and not prone to smiles, but with a nervous side. She’s the typical soldier model who appears cool and calculated but can be hot-blooded as well. She excels at tactics and strategy but is not overly enthused by battle or futile quarrels. She was captured after joining a rebellion against the government and sent to the prison planet.


Underneath her eye-patch, lies a gold-colored implanted eye that has a mysterious power known as the King’s Eye.


Shin Iri:

Weapons: Explosives

Character: A lively kid, her clumsy exterior hides her true twisted personality inside. Snide comments are waiting to burst out, as she has been oppressed since a young age and has come to disbelieve in Mankind. The only person she loves is Gantai.




Weapons: Katanas and a folding fan

Character: A short-tempered, prideful and confident woman, she nonetheless has a big sister streak a mile wide in her. While she is able to maintain a degree of control over herself, she nonetheless has a weakness to have a good time herself on occasion. As hot-blooded as Gantai, she’s the sort who laughs while cutting down her foes.




Weapons: Kunais, short swords, smoke grenades and other ninja paraphernalia

Character: While Kunoichi does her best to present a cool facade, she usually has trouble keeping this up as her shy nature often gets the best of her. She admires ninjas and even forces herself to speak like one by using older Japanese words, which she sometimes forgets and lets her normal speech take over, followed by being the butt end of the joke by the others. She’s actually a conscious of her wide forehead.





Weapons: Sniper rifles

Character: Calm, gentle and dignified, she has extremely bad eyesight. She wears a chain attached to her glasses to keep them on during battle. She has a secret past that she keeps to herself, which is also what influences her greatly sensitive view on the importance of life.




Weapons: Machine guns, chain guns, grenade launchers

Character: Unable to sit still, she takes an interest in everything but loses interest just as quickly. While extremely selfish, her cute nature endears her to everyone. She acts brave outside, but she’s really a crybaby, and she switches her opinions as quickly as a rolling stone, just like the kid she really is.



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