Nintendo 3DS

Ages Of Amazones Shows Off Characters And Sci-Fi Dungeon Exploration


The latest trailer for Arc System Work’s upcoming all-female prison planet escape RPG, Ages Of Amazones, shows off the cast of characters, real-time footage of dungeon delving and some of the foes players will have to defeat. As the video shows, movement in the dungeon will be tile-based, similar to other dungeon delvers such as Etrian Odyssey. Fortunately for more casual players, Amazones has an automap feature.



The trailer also shows some of the other criminal inmates players have to defeat or interact with, such as purple-winged Tenshi or mermaid Pirates. Character designs for Years of Amazones was done by High School DxD artist Miyama-Zero and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus concept artist Shigetaka Kimura.


Ages of Amazones is set on all-female prison planet Uruca, with its cast of characters looking to prison break escape through a spaceship hidden somewhere on the planet.


Ages of Amazones will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 14.