Nintendo Switch

Akatsuki no Eiyuu: Breakers Announced For Switch Along With Ports For Onigiri And GetAmped Mobile



Online game developer and publisher CyberStep announced a brand-new title called Akatsuki no Eiyuu: Breakers for Switch along with ports of the action MMORPG Onigiri and the fighting action title GetAmped Mobile.


Akatsuki no Eiyuu: Breakers (or Heroes/Hero of Dawn: Breakers) is a brand-new action game that is in development for Nintendo Switch. The action MMO Onigiri is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and PC. GetAmped Mobile is available on Android and coming soon to iOS.


We’ll have more information on Akatsuki no Eiyuu: Breakers and the new Switch ports of Onigiri and GetAmped Mobile later.

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