I already own Lost Planet and I’m on the fence about buying the expanded version. Akrid Hunting in Lost Planet: Colonies Edition makes it very tempting. The concept is simple: people and people in giant robots versus giant, insect-like aliens on tundra. Sure, you get to fire rounds at the Akrid in Lost Planet, but Colonies lets people play them online as seen in this trailer.




The move set for the mantis-like Akrid known as the Chryatis looks limited, but to the benefit of the Akrid its claw can slice through multiple humans. The battle of scale, mega sized aliens versus tiny humans, makes Lost Planet: Colonies unique compared to other run and gun action games.


Well, I bought Street Fighter II Turbo when I already owned Street Fighter II. I guess I can do it again and keep my fingers crossed Capcom doesn’t release Super Lost Planet: Hyper Colonies.


Images courtesy of Capcom.

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