ddnes.jpgI was wondering when we would see Double Dragon II: The Revenge on the Virtual Console, but there was a potential issue. Technos is bankrupt, Million has the assets. Just to complicate matters further, Acclaim  and Tradewest the US publishers are also sitting in separate corporate graves. Last year Arc System Works published a Kunio-Kun game on Japan’s Virtual Console. We know Aksys is tight with Arc System Works. Could they do it?


The ESRB says yes they can. Two classic Nintendo games are rated as Wii titles with Aksys as the publisher. They are Double Dragon and Renegade. As some of you know Renegade is a Kunio-Kun game, but I doubt Aksys is going to edit the ROM to change names. If they do I will be thoroughly impressed.


Images courtesy of Aksys. 

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