Last month, Arc System Works announced that they were selling BlazBlue t-shirts, the proceeds from which would go toward earthquake relief efforts in Japan. This week, Aksys are selling those very same t-shirts on their online store.


The sale will begin tomorrow (April 29th) at 1PM (California time), and each shirt will cost $20. For every shirt sold, Aksys will throw in $20 of their own, for proceeds of $40 per shirt going toward helping victims of the earthquake. If you want a heads up when the sale is on, you can follow the Aksys Twitter feed.


The shirts will also be sold in different sizes, in case you’re worried about whether or not they’ll fit you. Aksys will have S, M, L and XL sizes available. The sale will run until the shirts sell out, but according to tweets from Aksys staff, they expect them to sell out very quickly.



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