Akuatica’s Action-Packed Fish Adventure Has A Beautiful Papery Look


The new action-adventure game Akuatica is made to look like it was sculpted out of paper and it leaves a dazzling first impression due to that. If that’s all you need to know then you can purchase Akuatica on Steam.


It has you playing as what seems to be a technologically enhanced fish that travels across the world looking for a place it truly belongs. When out of water the fish has to flop its way across the dry land avoiding the hungry beaks of gulls and larger predators.


Back in the water, the fish has much more agility but the number of enemies increases tenfold.  There are humans dropping bombs from boats, or in submarines, or in scuba diving gear. Larger fish give chase while in the dark nautical depths the ocean’s most frightening creatures stalk the fish.


The creators of Akuatica say it has over 40 enemies and has a focus on larger boss-type encounters in between more quite exploration of coral reefs and the ocean depths.

Chris Priestman