Alder’s Blood – A Gothic Tactical Game Of Fighting Lycanthropes


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Alder’s Blood mingles inspirations from Bloodborne and X-COM, putting players in strategic combat against lycanthropes and other horrors in a gothic world.


The Darkness has shaped people and beasts into bloodthirsty monsters, leaving the populace to huddle in fear. The Hunters, believed to be sent by God, have come to deal with them, heading out into the woods of Alder’s Blood to take care of the threat. However, Hunters are nowhere near as vicious and durable as their enemies, and so will have to use cunning and cooperation to survive.

Players will be given a suite of different Hunters to make up a team with, mixing a variety of abilities together to make an effective team to fight the creatures in the dark. They’ll need to take care with their actions, though, as while they will recharge Action Points that let them use their powers each round, every action costs Stamina Points, and these recharge very slowly. Should players find their hunter has no energy left to fight, they will have to work harder to keep them safe, as even the weakest enemy can kill them quickly in this state.


Players can avoid lycanthrope attention in a few ways should they get weakened, though. The beasts respond to sound, so players can make a few plans that use silence. They will also have to factor in wind direction, as the beasts can smell them as well, so players can use this to their advantage to keep the enemy from sniffing them out, while careless players will be punished with a great deal of enemy attention.

Alder’s Blood is aiming for a 2018/2019 release according to its TIGSource page.

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