gyro.jpgThe third Sega Master System game is out on North America’s Virtual Console and it is Alex Kidd: In Miracle World. You could spend 500 Wii Points ($5) to search for Eagle and test your rocks, paper, scissors skills against bosses. On the other hand Gyrostarr from High Voltage Software looks like a better choice. The shmup looks like a blend of Tempest and Wipeout with a ship tethered to a technoplasma half pipe. Spend 700 Wii Points ($7) and you can try Gyrostarr’s unorthodox control scheme where one player uses the remote and the second player holds the attached nunchuck. Standard control schemes like the classic controller and individual remotes can also be used to play through 50 levels.


The most expensive game this week is Burning Fight, a Final Fight clone from SNK. Fork up 900 Wii Points ($9) and you can to punch your way through Japan as police detectives.


Images courtesy of Sega and High Voltage Games.

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