Alice In Tokyo Wonderland Replaces The Mad Hatter With The Samurai Hatter



Alice is a Japanese student who, rather foolishly, follows a white rabbit into a hole. Inside, she finds Tokyo Wonderland, where she must take up arms with the Vorpal Blade and chain together huge strikes and blows that send the weird fantasy creatures flying into the air.


Yeah, Alice In Tokyo Wonderland is a little bit different from Lewis Caroll’s original “Alice In Wonderland”. Rather than the Mad Hatter, it has the Samurai Hatter. It also has the Ronin March Hare and Sumo Tweedle Dee and Dum.


The star of the game is the Vorpal Blade, though. It lets Alice seamlessly chain together four different sword fighting styles into devastating combos, allowing for air combat, counter moves, blocks, dodging, and finishers.


Plus, there are bows and arrows as well as magic to supply you with a means to engage in ranged combat if you wish.


Currently, the two-person team creating Alice In Tokyo Wonderland have put it up on Kickstarter to find funding to complete the game. It’s also on Greenlight, and there’s a manga that you can read through right here.

Chris Priestman