Alicemare Offers Dark Twists On Many Fairy Tales



Alicemare draws from many different fairy tales for its exploration-based gameplay, taking the player on a strange, dark, and unsettling journey.




With Allen’s memories gone along with his parents, Allen finds himself under the care of a strange teacher. He’s not the only one, as there are several other children living there with the teacher, all of whom have terrible events in their pasts. They share rumors of strange sounds in the attic, and one day, Allen decides to see what is making them, unprepared for the strange, nightmare-like journey that awaits.


The player will guide Allen in his exploration of the odd worlds and stranger visions that follow. Many of the game’s themes, locations, and storylines revolve around twists on fairytales, including meeting discomforting versions of the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit. The player’s decisions involving these characters and other things will lead to the game’s multiple endings.




The developer states that, while this is a horror-esque game, there are no horrifying chases. People who like the idea of horror, but may not enjoy jump scares, should be comfortable with the game.


Alicemare is available now on Steam and Playism.

Alistair Wong
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