Aliens Go Home Run Mixes Breakout With Shmup Gameplay



When Sally hits a home run so powerful it leaves a crater on an alien world and accidentally kicks off a hostile invasion, she’ll need to use those same baseball skills to send the extraterrestrials back home in Aliens Go Home Run.




Aliens Go Home Run mixes the gameplay of Breakout with the bullet dodging of shmups, having Sally run and slide between their shots while batting her ball at her enemies. Players will have to take aim in the few moments they can scrounge up between bullet arrays, knocking out a hit that bounces around the map and takes out enemy craft and bosses in the split second she has between dodges.


Aliens Go Home Run offers seventy stages of brick-breaking, as well as nine bosses to challenge the player with. Players can also create new challenges with the game’s level editor, or attempt to climb its world leaderboards.




Aliens Go Home Run is available now on Steam and

Alistair Wong
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