Alim x tri-Ace x Shueisha Team Up For Multimedia Project Mist Gears

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Alim, tri-Ace, and Shueisha are teaming up for a brand-new multimedia project called Mist Gears that brings a world created by writer Hajime Tanaka and illustrator Yoichi Amano to smartphones and novels.


First, check out the announcement trailer for Mist Gears:


Here’s a bit on the game’s story:


“Day of the Purgatory.”

On that day, the world was enveloped in a mist, a mist of disaster.

Mankind feared it as the worst natural disaster in recorded history.


The Mist eroded the livelihood of the people. From there, monsters emerged and civilization was quietly headed to extinction.


“70 years after the Day of the Purgatory.”

After 70 years, Valcks Kingdom began a project to restore the world.

As they grasp a hope known as Mist Gear.


Next up are system details:

In Mist Gears, you’ll adventure in a world where the Mist spreads. It’s a new kind of “Environment RPG” where the world gets covered in Mist as part of an environmental simulator. Fields that change organically according to the Mist, the “Mist Gear” weapon and armor that bring out the abilities of the “Mist Core” using Mist as its power source, multiplayer elements with up to four players, and a world in ruinst hat you’ll get to explore with in-depth strategies and tactics.



A deep light novel-like story written by Hajime Tanaka and manga-like illustrations by Yoichi Amano.



Giant 3D maps and the environmental simulator where you’ll predict, prepare, challenge, and at times circumvent.



Here’s a look at the multiplayer, where you’ll get to communicate with simple controls. The Mist Core Overdrive has infinite combinations that allow you to pull off original combos to defeat foes.



Enemies change their appearances, attributes, and power based on the concentration of the Mist. You can also use the Mist to customize your weapons and gear.



In order to help explore the vast world, you’ll need a base. Here you can customize and power up equipment, recover health, use shortcuts between bases, synthesize items, and gather resources.


Mist Gears is in development for iOS and Android. Those interested will be able to register for the closed beta test here until August 31, 2018 at 11:59pm JST. The closed beta starts September 7 at 12:00pm JST and ends on September 10 at 12:00pm JST.

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